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Discover all our TV production and line production.

Our latest work, the lybian sitcom "Iyed" directed by Osama Rizg, has known a great succes in Libya and several arab countries.

Atlas Vision has also its own TV programs, and is currently developing an ambitious pack of TV shows and sitcom!

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Find out more about our feature and short theatrical poduction.

Atlas Vision is one of the best emerging talent production company in Tunisia.

Here after, "Pourquoi Moi?", a short movie directed by Amine Chiboub.

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Atlas Vision is gaining its market part in commercial for TV sector in Tunisia. Through a highly concurential environment, thanks to our values and our work, we obtained the recognition of some of the most influent Com Agencies and brands.

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Atlas Vision is widely involved in civil society and arts! 

Discover our works (in production & line production).

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Atlas Vision is one of the most dynamic comapny in Tunisia in radio commercials, voice over and mixing.

We have a database of voices, a professional crew and the latest material.

Discover our works

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75, Avenue Kheireddine Pacha

Imm Pacha Center, Bloc B, 3ème étage

1002 Tunis, Tunisia

+216 71 950 438

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